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Wise Mesa to Castle Tank, AZ
mini location map2021-06-16
22 by photographer avatarHikerWill
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Wise Mesa to Castle Tank, AZ 
Wise Mesa to Castle Tank, AZ
Hiking3.10 Miles 600 AEG
Hiking3.10 Miles   2 Hrs   10 Mns   1.62 mph
600 ft AEG      15 Mns Break
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Wise Mesa to Castle Tank

6:33 – Left Truck and made a beeline into the canyon.
6:51 – Canyon creek bed -
7:02 – Rock wall-Foundation – about .75 mile from truck. I almost missed this because it is tucked away from the creek bed in the trees.
7:20 – at the wash that leads to Castle tank
7:22 – at the tank berm seemed like it would talk longer.
7:27 – turn around time
7:57 – abandoned road that leads back to Wise mesa
8:15 – back on top - .27 of a mile
8:26 – checked out a small cliff on the way back. Great view of canyon both ways.
8:43 – back at the truck
Took advantage of the cooler part of the day. It was 74 when I left the truck and 91 when I got back. No breeze and only wispy clouds. From the ridge to the floor is .30 of a mile and crazy steep. Last time I came up this way I found a cow path and thought I might take it back but I wanted to head down in the shade of the cliffs to the East while it lasted.
There is an animal trail in the canyon that is pretty easy to follow. The only tracks I saw were deer tracks. Not sure what I got cut on, but my wrist was dripping pretty good for a while. It may have been some cats claw I took a short cut through.
The rock wall was an unexpected find and there is a survey marker there as well. It’s been knocked over and laid on top of the wall.
I was at Castle tank about 4 years ago in the winter and the creek was flowing. Today it was dry as a bone. Since there was some shade and it wasn’t sweltering yet I headed past the back of the tank and checked out that part of the canyon. Some cool cliffs back there. Maybe this winter.
Maybe the rock formation to the East of the tank looks like a castle?
It looks like that there is a lot of clay in the hillside beside the tank so it makes sense to put one there.
The way back is a faint road/path that was probably there for the sole purpose of putting in the tank. It’s crazy steep and in places washed out or grown over completely.
Came up out of the canyon a lot further from the truck that I expected. About a mile. Usually I avoid roads but this time the trip back up wiped me out so I stayed on it for the most part.
I only have about .25 of a mile left to explore in Ramanote Canyon. I’ve been to the Arch that is near Atascosa and to the window where Peck and Ramanote canyons intersect. Not all at once. Now I need to go back where I did today and head to the East toward the caves with the petroglyphs and say I’ve covered it all. Maybe tomorrow.
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