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Rim View Loop, AZ
mini location map2013-10-18
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Rim View Loop, AZ 
Rim View Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 18 2013
Hiking7.40 Miles 1,917 AEG
Hiking7.40 Miles   8 Hrs   30 Mns   1.39 mph
1,917 ft AEG   3 Hrs   10 Mns Break
1st trip
Partners partners
This was a most enjoyable and rewarding Autumn hiking day out of the Tonto NF- Geronimo TH, sharing & experiencing with Kyle for the first time all of this mostly new hiking route.

Since Kyle and my previous July'13 East Webber via Geronimo hike, we had patiently waited three months for hopefully the Geronimo BSA Camp to complete and open their new TH Start and trail alignment.. for their Rim View Trail-BSA.

In August'13, one of our HAZ members- Uberdroog had completed an out and back hike from the Geronimo TH to connect off-trail with the East Webber Trail #289 via skirting the east and northeast boundary line of the Geronimo BSA Camp. I thought this was an excellent idea and if this partially off-trail route was perfected, would legally allow for avoiding the (in my opinion) boring ~3.5 mile one way Geronimo Trail #240 to reach the needed Trail #289 intersection.

With some additional and valuable advise from HAZ-Uberdroog (thank you!), on HAZ-Route Manager's Satellite and Cal Topo views, I was able to draw-up a GPS planning route for Kyle and I to follow for our first time loop hike attempt this day.

We still had a few unknowns like: would this planned off-trail route to skirt the BSA Camp be too time consuming and not really save us time and mileage vs us just hiking the normally recommended Trail #240? and what was the completion and difficulty status going to be of the new alignment for Rim View Trail-BSA?

Our initial concerns above were proved to be non-issues resolved with our completion of this days' loop hike. It all worked-out well and the present :FG: hiking in this area proved to be just another plus for hiking this loop in October!

We are now pleased to report that this new loop option is recommended for all those who enjoy and are able to off-trail Topo Map/GPS Route Find and who feel they meet or exceed the "difficulty and route finding" levels now published within the stats section of the Rim View Trail-BSA hike description..

It should also be noted that we encountered one doable, but could-be risky obstacle on the Rim View Trail section of this loop: (This unexpected "Rock Chute" climb (WP location noted on my GPS Route) with no apparent by-pass could be a show stopper for some as it really has questionable rock and small bush-limb handholds/footholds, is quite steep to climb up (~10' to 12'max), with possibly some loose spree rock).

Both Kyle and I have previously edited our two posted 10/18/13 GPS Loop Routes (mine with key WPs) to provide our recommended hiking routes to download and follow for this new loop hike. We have also geocoded our pic-sets and added additional pic caption notes and tag notes for added clarity.
Named place
Named place
East Webber Creek
Autumn - Color Foliage
foliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observation
Autumn Foliage Observation Substantial
Big Tooth Maple- EXTREME

dry Bear Spring - HighlineTr #31 Dry Dry
Passed by Bear Spring area and noticed a water pipe running above and below ground but did not notice any water pooling or flow.. but we could have missed the actual spring source or water outlet as we did not have time to search the area in more detail.
(Outside.. "there is No Place Like It!!")
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