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Peak 3915 via Hiero, AZ
mini location map2014-12-01
19 by photographer avatarvanman
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Peak 3915 via Hiero, AZ 
Peak 3915 via Hiero, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 01 2014
Hiking7.00 Miles 2,650 AEG
Hiking7.00 Miles   7 Hrs      1.27 mph
2,650 ft AEG   1 Hour   30 Mns Break16 LBS Pack
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The plan was to hit 5057 via the Balancing Rock but I knew there was a good chance I would get distracted by 3915. I did!!! I just couldn't resist after being so close last week.

I explored around the SW side below the formation. Lots of animals must sleep here because all the brush is matted down. From there I started working my way around and into the interior. Being alone I stayed off the really high stuff and just explored where I could. The brush is thick and the rocks are a maze which makes it really tough to get around. Finally I hiked east past a big drainage that feeds into Ermahgerd Canyon and had lunch. Coming back I off-trailed above the cliffs and found some cool caves.

This isn't a long hike but it is tough since there isn't really a trail and most of the way is steep and loose. But it is so worth it!!
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Named place
Turks Head - Superstition Boundary
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