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Rough Eye Javelina LoopPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking9.31 Miles 1,039 AEG
Hiking9.31 Miles   5 Hrs   50 Mns   2.17 mph
1,039 ft AEG   1 Hour   32 Mns Break
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It didn't seem like we took that many breaks since we only sat down once for lunch. I guess it was the exploring and stopping to gawk, oh and of course, the blood trail we followed. Second, thx Kelly for co-navigating this one. It was a bit tricky because there are so many trails and options now. Third, we missed two of the areas from last time so I'll be heading back in the spring to find them.

We met at the TH and headed across the road and up the Javelina Mine Trail before splitting left to catch up with the now trailed Rough n Ready Canyon Trail. You do have to be somewhat careful out here now as there are trails and they are unmarked so you better know where you're going. The scenery out here is very interesting and fun to investigate what catches your eye like a cave we saw above the trail. We climbed up to it and it is pretty big. We had Jack do the scat check before heading back down to the trail which at this point was high above the wash. Another note of caution is when you do end up going in the washes, watch for where the trail leaves the wash but then you have to be mindful if the trail you catch out is the right one. You have to know where you are going, that is if you have a specific route or destination you're looking for.

Before the cave or about 1/2 hr after seeing the first blood we finally found the resolution to the significant blood spots we followed for almost a mile. We had hoped it wasn't a human being bleeding like that and thot maybe a horse and then Jack said maybe a hunter had nabbed something. The blood stains were very recent. Soon Jack looked up from the trail and saw the guts of the hunted deer. Mystery solved.

We continued in and out of the wash and into the Canyon with expanded views of the lichen-covered rockery with layers of tuft waving through it. I have to say, it's much more beautiful when the sun shines on it though. I looked at my photo set from last time and was duly impressed with those and other pictures we had taken last time on a beautiful weather day. I was shocked I didn't take any video so I made up for it this time ;) .

We saw a porthole in what I called the Tuff Wave Mountain. Kelly was intrigued and decided to go on up. She made pretty quick time of it and soon her head was peeking thru the port hole so we got pictures of her. Didn't know she got a pic of us too so that was pretty cool. We then followed the trail up from the wash and it headed to the right and behind the mountain, NOT the direction we wanted to go.

It was here that I thot we had come up to on our way back so we made our way down this tricky area thru an opening between the rocks and by a little cave. As I was balancing myself across this steeper section I went to use the side wall only to have a huge chunk of it slide and bounce off my leg. That hurt! It's best if you want to take the short cut up to catch the backside of that mountain to do it UP, not down. And now, that's not even necessary as I see when we did it last time on the way back, we ended back in the wash again after going all around this narrow mountain.

But we got back down to the wash and continued until the trail part ended. We decided to go up (SW) this wash/canyon for a bit before continuing on in the main wash looking for that turn around point from last time. This little side adventure was pretty cool scenery-wise. It looks like if you continue in that SW wash it veers to the south and you could possibly take it to Cottonwood Spring. Looking at the satellite vision, there may even be some trail to hook up with.

We passed by the area we turned around at last time but I didn't even realize it as it doesn't look what I remembered. What a surprise? Anyway, we decided we would continue around one more corner... well an S curve actually. We didn't go far and then headed back a moment or two to end up eating what would be a quick lunch as it started to sprinkle so we were off again. For the rest of our hike it would rain on and off again. We headed back toward the trail that takes you up and around the wavy mountain but this trail wasn't veering to the right down to the Crystal Arroyo so we bushwhacked our way down to the Rough n Ready Canyon.

Soon we came upon the Arroyo but it didn't have much water in it. However, the whole area along here is pretty cool :) . It started to rain a little harder so we didn't get to dally much. The rain stopped once we got to the top of the hill above the arroyo. This is a neat area too as you continue out of the canyon. The sights and views are still plentiful as we headed back toward the Javelina Mine Trail.

We did get off track once going up a hill. That trail actually takes you over to the Willow Springs Trail to the east and then you could hang a right and head for the highway but we chose to go back down and hang a left (right if you were coming from the west) at the intersection. That's one thing I still struggle with is which way to turn or keep going straight :? ?

You walk between some of the lower mountains and up a bit and past Checkmate Arch which we decided was too much of a scramble and with impending weather; we kept on moving. It is very green through here as you wind between the hills and eventually to the road that takes you back to the TH across the highway. The rain started to get more serious by now and let go when we arrived at our vehicles so we loaded up quickly and headed for Los Gringos but not before Jack handed out Pat's cookies which Kelly ate on the way. I saved mine for later.

On the photoset, I included some pics from our hike in 2010. Last, I didn't realize how much video I took and unfortunately, with the lower light I've really had to edit them to get the light up. I only have one done and two are in production but I have several more to finish. Anyway, it was a great day and fun to be back in the Goldfields.

Part 1 to Rough N Ready Canyon ... bwfU
Part 2 RnR Canyon ... H4uY including large alcove
Part 3 RnR ... 35Hs
(My Favorite of the videos) Part 4 RnR ... 0zm4 including Tuff Wave Mountain
Part 5 RnR ... nzLg including Side Canyon
Part 6 RnR to the end and heading back ... OMxU up, out and back in
Part 7 Quartz Crystal Arroyo ... ajKw
Part 8 Javelina Mine Trail ... jWNs
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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