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Needle Vista - Hackberry - 2811 Lasso Loop, AZ
mini location map2020-02-01
17 by photographer avatarjoebartels
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Needle Vista - Hackberry - 2811 Lasso Loop, AZ 
Needle Vista - Hackberry - 2811 Lasso Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 01 2020
Hiking14.57 Miles 2,502 AEG
Hiking14.57 Miles   10 Hrs   59 Mns   1.56 mph
2,502 ft AEG   1 Hour   39 Mns Break18 LBS Pack
1st trip
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Goldfields are sorta cool. First Water Creek Canyon options rank similar for myself. Neither are my favs, a trip is typically enjoyable.

Wanted to utilize Needle Vista's easy, paved and abundant parking. Check. The unofficial well used route to the tidy looking Hackberry system of trails is a fabulous option. Popular with horses but not destroyed like a historical SoMo trail that gets a bad rep.

FWC heading in exceeded my expectations. Almost 4 miles in we turned east/right to gain the blobbed ridge that separates FWC from a no name drainage with an upper origin near Cholla Tank dubbed Cholla Tank Canyon on Nov 07 2015 by Bruce. Anyhow we made adjustments to my planned route based on the terrain. Stumbled upon a pioneer if not decades sooner Oro and sun glyph overlooking Cholla Creek.

Still recovering from a slip 12 days ago on wet rock I made a crucial mistake on this hike. Brought my daypack instead of my fanny pack. Had to carry the cumbersome pack in various positions for the hike. Got a serious workout.

Four Peaks, Malpais and Canyon Lake views along with good luck route finding had our hike moving right along with smiles. As an ol' friend I haven't visited in 15 years neared I was full of anticipation. 2811 is a little gem destination. Sketchy footing and a slightly intimidating route keeps return trips to a minimum. Yellow litchen foreground with a lake and the Four Peaks views is a winner in my book. After a fab lunch we headed on down.

Bruce questioned my route and we switched it up. Bushwhacking beat the life out us. Bruce did ALL the work and I still struggled to keep up. The last tenth of a mile or so to FWC was a gift. Someone recently cut a path. A good fifteen foot tunnel at the end that would be a lot of work with anything less than a long blade chainsaw.

FWC was a welcome sight. I just wasn't finding a grove. After a while I requested a break. Felt better and moved on. Next we unexpectedly opened a can of whoopass. Needed to wade some water. No biggie, get'r over. Slippery and up to mid chest on Bruce I figured I got it. In I went. Yeah it's cold and slippery. Wait a minute, why is the water near my neck. Pack balanced on my head. A little bit of laughing. Perhaps some screaming.

Oh it gets better. Bruce lost a bag of pistachios now floating in the water. Joker suggests I pick it up on route with my mouth. The impossible happened. On the second attempt I somehow managed to throw that sucker and he caught it. I'm notoriously known for a bad throw. Either that or the forty degree swim zapped me back to life.

We almost made a bad route finding decision with daylight passing quick. A little in I pitched my plea again. For once I had a clue what I was talking about. We backed the train up and got on course to get out before the warm star said goodnight. The loop I put together didn't pan out but this was certainly memorable.

I would not bring a dog on this hike. Lots of cholla. Road was paved. Tread of hike sucked for large portions. A fit scout could knock this out easier. Some of the views will probably draw me back. Glad Denny didn't come, never would have heard the end of it. Shockingly only crossed paths with a couple in the final ten minutes of our hike.
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Isolated
Leaves of red maids and dudleya no flowers
Lots of Brassica tournefortii in several areas, tiny flowers at best now
Lots of Canyon ragweed in the Hackberry spring vicinity for reference
- joe
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