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Fishing for Sandys Walnut, AZ
mini location map2020-06-10
30 by photographer avatarLosDosSloFolks
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Fishing for Sandys Walnut, AZ 
Fishing for Sandys Walnut, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 10 2020
Hiking10.20 Miles 982 AEG
Hiking10.20 Miles
982 ft AEG12 LBS Pack
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1st trip
Received a message from Pam (outdoor_lover) asking if we were interested in hiking Sandys Canyon and the AZT #31 above Walnut Canyon with her. Of course we said yes or you wouldn't be reading this. Mixed blessing for me...great to get out of the heat but a bummer for my lungs hiking @7000' for the third time in a month or so.

Let's start at 6 o'clock, she said. It will be 39 degrees so how about 7 o'clock?, I said. It will be 55 degrees, she said. I still disagreed but it was her hike so we set our alarm for 3 am to appease our taskmaster. I so ought to kick her :pk: HAZ's forecast planner the night before said it would be 31 and when we pulled into the trailhead it was 28. A mile into the hike we dropped down into Sandys Canyon where it was a balmy and breezy 24 degrees and ice was starting to form on my mustache. :o Joining us on the hike was my friend John from Williams, Az. More than a friend actually, as he was best man at our wedding. John was part of the crew that helped build the Mile and a Half Rest House on the Bright Angel Trail. :app: He started telling some frostbite amputation stories. Yep, that's John.

The sun finally came over the canyon walls and our spirits improved. We took the fork near Fay Canyon to make the climb up to Fisher Point for the views of Humphreys and Walnut Canyon. For the record, this 1 mile section of trail climbing up to the point could be the best looking mile of forest I've ever seen. Good tread, gorgeous rock formations, wild rose bushes and Lupine lining the trail. And let's not forget the Oaks, Ash, and Ponderosa Pine. I'll be back.

Once up on top Pam wanted to continue east on the AZT for a few miles. Cathy and I preferred to go back down and follow the floor of Walnut Canyon east to check out the caves we read about in other HAZer's logs. We agreed to meet up later in the day in Walnut Canyon. She was going to backtrack and find us on our return route. I won't go into much detail on our excursion in Walnut. Lots of info on HAZ. We found all the caves we were looking for and then some. We ended up going much farther east than planned as the canyon just kept getting better and better. We got to a point were we decided we better think about turning around. We didn't know for certain how many miles we had come due to the fact I made the mistake of bringing my GPS into one of the caves early on and it went bonkers. At this point some crashing in the bush startled us and Pam appeared out of nowhere looking different.

She appeared somewhat pleased with herself, yet at the same time she looked like she had seen a ghost. Turns out she decided not to backtrack but to make her own way down into Walnut from above. I guess she got cliffed out and had a white knuckle time making it down the last couple hundred feet. : rambo :

One of the highlights of the hike was running across a mated pair of Mexican Spotted Owls. I got good shots of the male but every one of my photos of the female were not in all. Hopefully Pam got some good shots to share in her photoset. Thanks for the invite Pam, good times and memories. Oh BTW, we pigged out on Mexican food in Flag after the hike. One of my enchiladas was dangerously HOT. I might be having a white knuckle time of my own later. :o
Named place
Named place
Mount Humphreys
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Moderate
Lupine, Woods Rose, Indian Paintbrush and lots of little things I couldn't I.D.
If it ain't broke, don't break it.
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