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Phoenix Sonoran Preserve North Highpoints Loop, AZ
mini location map2020-05-30
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Phoenix Sonoran Preserve North Highpoints Loop, AZ 
Phoenix Sonoran Preserve North Highpoints Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar May 30 2020
Hiking5.75 Miles 798 AEG
Hiking5.75 Miles   1 Hour   59 Mns   2.90 mph
798 ft AEG
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I know this is not triplog related but I wanted to share with you anyway. Like most all of you I always prefer HIKING over elliptical machines at the Club; altho I did go on Wed. since I can't hike in this heat (sorry Kelly). The area at the Club I was in was only 1/4 full at best. Every other machine is closed off. They now have a cleaning solution dispenser on the wall next to the paper towel dispenser to clean your machine handles/buttons after use which you should do anyway. Very few people in masks and even two racquetball courts and the basketball court were being used. I forgot how boring the elliptical machines are but at least you don't have to watch where you're going😉.

And the next day I went to get my hair done at the salon where you have to answer Covid questions, mask and purell up and get your temperature taken before you can go to your station. My stylist says her business, though open for nearly two weeks, has been minimal as her clients still aren't willing to come in yet. I felt bad for her; and she has three children. My philosophy on the whole thing is what difference is one or two weeks going to make at this point?

Today I planned a 15 minute later start but I woke up before my alarm so instead of trying to get that last 15 minutes I just got ready and with the drive it takes about 50 minutes so I started around 6:25 I think and it was 82 degrees with high 20s humidity. Last nite I actually did a double loop around my complex at 7:15pm and it was 104 but humidity was around 8% so it was actually not bad; good to know it's doable at those temps.

This morning I got going clockwise and there was a slight breeze. I would encounter many hikers and bikers today; 75% on the hellos and the no hellos were quite deliberate. A few people still in masks, young and old. Gosh I don't know; breathing fresh air would seem to be a good thing? I made decent time up to Ridgeback Overlook and then down the other side. The desert really is a beautiful place even as it descends into summer. A few hot air balloons were out so I got some photos. The sky was also somewhat filtered by light clouds.

The saguaros were still blooming all over the place thus quite a bit more picture taking but why not🌵? I guess I don't remember all the saguaros blooming like this in past seasons; don't recall seeing any this spring that didn't have blooms. What a treat for us! As I rounded the corner on to Sidewinder I noticed quite a few little holes in the ground which I assume are the tarantulas at work? I would notice these holes off and on during the hike on this portion of the trail. About the 4 mile mark I started getting hungry and realized I don't have any snacks on board so I'll have to remedy that.

I headed up to Apache Vista which also provides a little extra AEG and views. Encountered bike riders going up a couple times. And then it was back down to the Sidewinder for the home stretch. I always see what looks like the corner that takes you to the other side but I'll have to start calling this the "false corner" as you have to go around it before swinging back down the other side of the hill for the trailhead.

8:20AM was really too early for the beer so I just went for the frozen cappuccino at Q-T plus Tonto needed fuel. The temp had risen 3 or 4 degrees between start to finish on the hike. However, between the time I left the TH and got home it went up TEN degrees (1/2 hour or so) :o
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Saguaros were still blooming like crazy and there were lots of plants that had their seedheads on too.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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