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mini location map2021-02-19
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Black Ridge Loop - MazatzalPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 19 2021
Hiking7.92 Miles 2,057 AEG
Hiking7.92 Miles   4 Hrs   2 Mns   2.34 mph
2,057 ft AEG      39 Mns Break11 LBS Pack
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On Friday, the 19th, I hiked the Black Ridge Loop by myself. I hiked it nearly a year ago with a group. Conditions last year were significantly wetter - muddy even. This time around, the ground was soft in a few places, but not especially wet.

This loop is much easier to navigate than it was when I first did it several years ago. It appears to have gotten a lot of horse traffic, so there's a well beaten path for most of the hike. The only part that's not well beaten is a short section just off of the Sunflower Trail. In some places there are multiple paths to choose from. I added a little distance to my hike by backtracking some of these paths to see if the route might be better had I gone another way. I think the answer is "no", but didn't explore them far enough to know for certain.

I encountered a group of 5-6 horses w/ riders shortly after passing Brunson Tank. I didn't get an exact count because I was keeping an eye on their many dogs - I'd say that they had at least seven. I found them to be loud and annoying. Weird thing was - well, I'd never seen it before - each of the dogs appeared to be outfitted with some sort of antenna attached to their collars. Maybe a GPS tracker w/ radio in case they run off?

Near the end of the hike, I came across a crew doing maintenance on the connector trail between Cross F Trailhead and the Little Saddle Mountain Trail. I think they were adding some rocks for erosion control.

I didn't see any areas that had burned in the past year, definitely a good thing.
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Named place
Brunson Tank Mount Ord

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