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Cave-Weaver's Crosscut-Bluff Springs, AZ
mini location map2019-03-01
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Cave-Weaver's Crosscut-Bluff Springs, AZ 
Cave-Weaver's Crosscut-Bluff Springs, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 01 2019
Hiking9.63 Miles 2,703 AEG
Hiking9.63 Miles   8 Hrs   5 Mns   1.58 mph
2,703 ft AEG   2 Hrs    Break25 LBS Pack
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1st trip
On Friday, March 1, Ben, Marilyn, Mike, and I did a lollipop hike in the Superstitions starting from the Peralta Trailhead. We hiked Bluff Springs, Cave, Peralta, Weaver's Crosscut, Terrapin, with a return on Bluff Springs.

The initial section of Bluff Springs was mostly dry, though we did see some puddles here and there. At times, we could still see snow in the distance.

The Cave Trail was surprisingly dry, though there was some water flowing down the Devil's Slide. Instead of hiking up the trough in the slide, we went up a low ridge perhaps eight feet to the right of the trough. Towards the end of the Cave Trail, I followed some cairns which led us to the Peralta Trail earlier than expected.

Passing over Fremont Saddle, the Peralta Trail was pretty wet. It wasn't muddy though. We encountered a fallen tree along the way.

We also inadvertently hiked a portion of the summit trail. We eventually realized that we were off track and backtracked to the Crosscut Trail. However, even after backtracking, it took us a while to figure out to figure out where to go. There were plenty of cairns - we followed a use path which led us astray. Once we (finally) got started on it though, it turned out to be fairly straightforward to follow. I had a lot of fun on this section. It was steeper than I expected it to be and I enjoyed the easy scrambling.

Just before the Crosscut Trail started leveling off, we encountered a pair of hikers who told us of a large balanced rock which is visible from the Terrapin Trail. The fellow who told us about it said that most hikers would probably miss seeing this rock due to its very close proximity to an adjacent wall. We watched for it and found it. The upper portion is bigger than a bus and there is indeed a very thin sliver of daylight between that upper portion and the rock next to it. There is perhaps only a twenty foot section of the Terrapin Trail from which this sliver of daylight may be seen.

We had also planned to hike Lower Barks Canyon at the end of the hike. We were tired though and it was also wetter than what we wanted to deal with. I went back on Sunday and hiked that section with a different group.
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