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mini location map2021-04-01
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Brown Road ButtePhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 01 2021
Hiking3.95 Miles 1,225 AEG
Hiking3.95 Miles
1,225 ft AEG
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I was inspired by a triplog by a member done on 3/20 :worthy: Thought today would be an appropriate day for a similar type trip , decided the destination was Brown Road Butte ,known locally as East Mesa’s Sky Island, makes it sound like a winner. Due to the length of this hike I left a cache of food and water near the summit the day before, that way I could take a break there or at my vehicle on each lap. Parking lot is spread out along Brown road so there was room for more vehicles when I arrived. It took me nine minutes for the first ascent , surprised to see no snow remains at the summit , I saved that route on route scout and then a cumulative route for the other 3 trips none of which I should post, if you get lost here give up hiking! The views are outstanding however , no not the view of Pass Mountain, but a tip to the single guys there’s a lovely bunch of ladies using this trail everyday! By the Second pass I was getting bored and started cleverly naming the larger boulders along the rutted road, names like Rocky 1, Rocky 2, etc. you get the drift. Didn’t help much as they were way too quiet for a Rock Band :lol: I explored a flat area to the right of where the rutted road ,hereafter RR, turned left towards the summit it looked like another road might crest here from the east but I never saw it. After getting back to the parking area I went East to further explore to see if one of the apartment complexes had their own route up. They didn’t but I didn’t feel like walking around to the RR so I went straight up the south side of the butte , the steep loose rock slope was about as good as the RR. Up top noted the prior microwave tower pads would make good helipads in case I needed one! Walked down the the lower “viewing platform “ on the south end of the flattened top a couple of times . After a while some of the crowd looked like old hands at it , noticed some of the slackers would only go down to the first flat area before turning back,some slightly stronger ones turned around at the gate at the bottom while I would return all the way to the parking lot. I’m sure that should be the official turn around point if trying to beat the Guinness book of records for this endeavor,for a presumably sane person that is. I’m sure others could get more creative with this with other varying ascents, shirtless, barefoot,backwards,on a bike, juggling etc. Surprised how much mileage and AEG you can gain here, note if you made only 26 or is it 36 trips a bunch anyway, just let some math wizard figure it out for you , you could get Cactus to Clouds elevation! I’ll save that agenda for later next week!
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