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mini location map2021-02-15
10 by photographer avatarDaytripper
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La Barge Canyon ViewPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 15 2021
Hiking5.80 Miles 1,560 AEG
Hiking5.80 Miles
1,560 ft AEG14 LBS Pack
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Had forgotten it was a holiday since I’m off everyday , pulled in to the Canyon Lake Marina to see a group of 12 gearing up, while taking my time another group of 6 and then a couple all launched before me. While waiting a bit at the chilly windy trailhead met a friendly young man , Derrick, and his dog Ray or Rainer , he was going to wait for his girlfriend to run the trail. As more vehicles arrived decided to risk the gauntlet of passing a large number of hikers and went ahead , then decided to take the unofficial trail a little north of main Boulder Canyon Trail thought I might get ahead of the big group. I did get ahead of the smaller groups but ended up right behind the big one. Decided to hang back as the prime picture spot for the lake was a short ways ahead and correctly assumed they would stop there. Engaged with a lone straggler at the back of the group, found him to be a kindred spirit as far as hiking navigation, when asked where they were going he replied ,while pointing eastward , going to a canyon he did not know the name of ,said he was just following the group. When they stopped to rest and take pictures I approached the lead fellow and told him I was joining up and asked where we were going he seemed too startled to answer so then I said just kidding to which the crowd chuckled. Moving on the views improved and was nice to see some of the char free Wilderness . Nice to see Battleship, the Tugboat and Weavers Needle lining up. About the time I was going off trail Derrick with his dog and girlfriend Katy caught up , he greeted me joyfully like a long lost friend that owed him money. This bewildered Katy and she insisted on knowing where we met and how long we had known each other, wait for it, I replied we went way way back , or at least 2 miles anyway, she laughed and said that that was hilarious, no eye rolling detected. Sometimes you meet the nicest people when hiking.Went off the trail at a drainage but not on the official route,climbed through the fence opening next to where it is bolted to a rock , not sure why the fence is there but looks like some digging went on in the area saw the rusted baking pan they left behind. Vegetation was definitely present but not too difficult to avoid. Worked my way south and west along hill tops, route scout was working until I took so many pictures it blew its flux capacitor :) Decided to have a snack about where I turned around, brought binoculars along which was nice for the viewing, I could see 6 people coming down La Barge Canyon, could make out Thompson peak , Mount Ord and also the massacre falls with its now noticeable white flow tract all were too far to photograph well despite the clear air. No wildlife spotted though :( Noticed a large monument sized cairn so I went over to it , still not sure what it is for. Took a different track back , mostly a deer path that led to their bed down area. Saw about 8 to 10 others on the way down, hard to quantitate but I thought the unofficial trail had less loose rocks so I went back down that way also. Nice to find some solitude today despite the otherwise busy trails, plus Apache Trail was less busy on the way back than I anticipated.
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