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Peak 5501 and Govt Hill BM, AZ
mini location map2021-04-18
30 by photographer avatarFLYING_FLIVER
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Peak 5501 and Govt Hill BM, AZ 
Peak 5501 and Govt Hill BM, AZ
Hiking7.55 Miles 2,873 AEG
Hiking7.55 Miles   7 Hrs   40 Mns   1.68 mph
2,873 ft AEG   3 Hrs   10 Mns Break
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1st trip
Partners none no partners
Camino Campana Trail
Camino Campana Trail
Bear with me
Seven years ago I did a hike and started my triplog by saying:
"This hike is all Hansenaz’s fault. (I’ve never met the gentleman, but I still blame him)" :)  

Then after a hike in Jan 2020:
"This hike is all Outdoor_Lover's fault. (I’ve never met the young lady, but I still blame her)" :)  

Well, for this hike I say:
"This hike is all wallyfrack’s fault. (I’ve never met the gentleman, but I still blame him)" :)  
In Jan 2017 I did a hike I named - Government Hill and "GOVT HILL” BM.
I hiked to Government Hill in the SE Superstitions and easily located a USGS "No-Name" benchmark. It's a nice little disk, but it has no name on it.
I know many HAZ members have been to Government Hill, and have viewed this no-name disk.
I emailed the USGS with the LAT/LONG of the no-name disk, and their answer, "We have no record of that disk". HMMM ….

On TOPO maps, about 1 mile west of Government Hill, there's a mountain named, Peak "5501 BM". It's basically a no-name mountain, and uses the BM's elevation for its designation.
Well, I have a datasheet for that "5501 BM" benchmark disk, and it's named ….
"Govt Hill". Another - HMMM .…

On that hike in 2017, I hiked west, off Government Hill to Bull Basin Tr, and attempted to climb up to Pk 5501. I failed.
I fought through about 100 feet of thick, intertwined vegetation and gave up. That stuff was like hiking through a chain link fence. Up to Pk 5501 was another 500 Ft up, but no way.

Fast forward to last year. Wallyfrack tried to get up to Pk 5501, using my 'track up', and also stopped, due to vegetation.
However, after his hike, he did some great research, and got up to Pk 5501.
He used a different, zig-zagging, and less dense vegetation track, and located the BM disk named "GOVT HILL" (1946).

After his successful hike, the "King of the Supes" graciously sent me a 'HAZ PM', and included his GPS track up to Pk 5501 from Bull Basin Tr.
Well, I made it up there on this hike, using his expert info.
Thank-you, wallyfrack.

Now, here is why I blame wallyfrack for this hike.
Yes, he confided in me his 'track up', and then he enticed me to get up there by offering me a money reward. (Photo from wallyfrack's successful hike photoset).
[ photo ]
Well, I couldn't pass up that reward. 😀

So, off I went to retrieve my reward. I located the GOVT HILL BM disk, and the summit log — With my reward inside. 😀

I also located 'where' Ref Mark #1 used to be located, and I did locate RM #2.
Note - The two RMs are not disks. They are etched crosses in boulders.
RM #1's etched cross has chipped away, and that 'chip-away' appears to be a natural occurrence. RM #2 was over 29 Ft away, but easily located, and in perfect shape.

One more point of interest.
I included Google Earth screenshots of my track. You'll notice it stops at Bull Basin Tr, and does not include wallyfrack's track-up portion. He did the work on that part, and it's his.

So, I'm glad I finally got atop Pk 5501, and I'm very thankful for the King of the Supes's assistance. My photoset will explain what I actually did with my reward. 😀
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