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Shaw Butte Towers Loop and Cloud 9, AZ
mini location map2021-05-11
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Shaw Butte Towers Loop and Cloud 9, AZ 
Shaw Butte Towers Loop and Cloud 9, AZ
Hiking avatar May 11 2021
Hiking4.20 Miles 1,024 AEG
Hiking4.20 Miles   1 Hour   29 Mns   2.86 mph
1,024 ft AEG      1 Min Break
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Day 11 of a twelve day record for me of either gym class or hiking. Yep, I'm liking this part of my retirement. Got up 15 minutes before my 6:45 alarm, visited with the neighbor for a few minutes and then headed to the Central Ave TH for Shaw Butte. It's been a long time since I've parked here (Dec 2017), let alone in the AM.

It's always tough to start your hike on a hill until you build a little rhythm. I started sweating immediately; so annoying. Made decent enough time up I think. I do feel stronger but then of course, I'm only wearing my waist pack so I might be deceiving myself a bit. Was surprised there were as many folks on the trail and the usual mixture of leash less dogs and poop bags.

I looked for the smoke near the Crown King area; it wasn't billowy like Sun AM. I wrapped the towers noting the smaze around the valley altho not bad toward downtown. I headed down the paved hill and over to the western towers, wrapped them and debated not going to the restaurant as it seemed warm. However, the breeze picked up a bit and there was some shade on the road to Cloud 9 so I changed my mind and took a quick visit over there. I always like the view from there and can only imagine how awesome it was to be sitting at the bar.

I headed back to the TH via the paved hill that doesn't seem that long in your head until you start climbing it with the steepest part being at the end. I did notice the same hummingbirds and a guest were flying around the lavendar. Oh, I also saw a couple squirrels. Only one hiker with a mask today; usually there is more in this area. I have noticed a lot of stores now have masks as optional; it's nice not to have to slap yourself mentally because you forgot your mask.

Near and at the TH is the previously noted signs about a closure of the TH and lower Tower Trail May 17-22 (or could be 21st). And now time to go get my Frozen Cappuccino, too early for a beer :( .

WATCH: 4.19 miles. 135 avg bpm, 166 max. 44% Zone 5, 28% Zone 4, 28% Zone 3 burning 605 calories (I think it should be more for the uphill, can't quite decide how it determines calorie burn as it seems it's based more on steps). Temp at start 69.8 and 20% humidity finishing at 8:42AM.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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