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Sidewinder with double Apache Vista, AZ
mini location map2021-06-25
4 by photographer avatartibber
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Sidewinder with double Apache Vista, AZ 
Sidewinder with double Apache Vista, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 25 2021
Hiking3.88 Miles 460 AEG
Hiking3.88 Miles   1 Hour   19 Mns   2.98 mph
460 ft AEG      1 Min Break
Route Scout Route Recorded  on Route Scout Popup | MapDEX

I was going to do the south Phx Sonoran Preserve Dixie Mtn Loop but there aren't any bailouts if I decide it's too hot so I chose to go back to Phx Sonoran Preserve North with the thot of maybe doing Ridgeback until Alexa told me the temp and humidity so I opted to maybe do an Apache Vista double.

As I hiked the west side it seemed very warm so I had my doubts about even doing the Apache Vista at all. However, as I got over to the middle of the mountain a breeze picked up so I headed up to the Vista. In fact, it was breezy enough that I did do the double from the Sidewinder. I had only seen 7 other hikers as I completed the double. I stepped aside for about the same amount of bike riders. Lots of little ground squirrels including a baby, so very little and several lizards including the ones with the very long tails but none were in the posing mode.

WATCH: 3.84 miles. 129 avg bpm with 158 max. 17% in Zone 5, 45% Zone 4, 35% Zone 3 burning 492 calories. Starting temp 84.1 and 36% humidity finishing at 8:39AM with a temp of 89 and humidity of 31%.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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