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Esplanade Owl Search, AZ
mini location map2022-04-03
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Esplanade Owl Search, AZ 
Esplanade Owl Search, AZ
Hiking5.39 Miles 321 AEG
Hiking5.39 Miles   2 Hrs   13 Mns   2.59 mph
321 ft AEG      8 Mns Break
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Before I left for my trip to islands far, far away; I wanted to do one last check on the Esplanade owls since I didn't see any little ones last Sunday. It so happened I have a brush I bot for Cathy's new curly hair that actually works on cutting down the frizz that needed to be delivered so Greg and I found a means to an end.

We met at the TH at 8AM and headed on down the trail. The trail would be much more crowded than it was last Sunday when I was here. We stepped aside many times coming and going. The clouds were dancing in the sky today. I knew it was supposed to be partly cloudy today but this isn't what I had in mind so I'm glad for that as it was much prettier. The wolfberries were plentiful as well; much more than only a week ago.

As we got onto the Esplanade Trail and were hiking for a short bit, we both stopped at the sounds of so many birds. It was quite something and we would hear it on the way back too. The sound was coming from the chattering of many small birds. I couldn't get a picture as they were pretty flighty.

Today I wanted to find the first nest that I seem to miss and when I saw it, I wonder how I miss it so much on the way. Momma stayed for a moment but decided she'd fly the coop; maybe it was breakfast time. We couldn't see any little ones. Coming and going there was a bike rider who both commented about seeing a little one. On the way back, a bike rider showed us a picture she had taken of the little one a few days ago. It was a good picture. Greg and I were only able to get the top of its head.

We continued on our way and stopped at Tecolote Clover Pond but it wasn't nearly as full. We eventually made it to Owl #2 (the one that I caught with a bloody face last week). She was there but once again, no signs of little one(s) plus she could hardly open her eyes long enough to even care that we were there. I did my usual circle to verify residents but nothing.

So we headed back the way we came while continuing to dodge bike riders. Along the way I noticed a most unusual nest in a cholla cactus. In fact, there were two nests, top entry and the other was front entry.
We stopped at the other end of Clover Pond and shot a couple photos before arriving back at the first nest. Mom was still gone and I circled to see if I could catch any sign of Junior and snapped a picture of the top of Junior's head.

And then it was back to the TH enjoying the breeze and slight cloud cover while nibbling on some wolfberries. It was a great morning for a hike, that's for sure. Greg helped me finish my last can of Huckleberry Wheat Lager from Gt Northern Brewing of Whitefish, MT. They have gone back in business via another outlet so I'm hoping to replenish my stock this summer.

WATCH: 5.15 miles (high point 1771, low 1664) avg bpm 110, max 140 with 32% at Zone 2 and 62% at Zone 1 burning 677 calories. Starting temp 60.9 at 40% humidity which we felt at the beginning but it lightened up quite a bit on our way back. We finished at 10:11AM.
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For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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