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Scipio UT via Moqui Cave to Phoenix, AZ
mini location map2022-08-06
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Scipio UT via Moqui Cave to Phoenix, AZ 
Scipio UT via Moqui Cave to Phoenix, AZ
Hiking2.07 Miles 102 AEG
Hiking2.07 Miles      43 Mns   2.89 mph
102 ft AEG
1st trip
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8-6-2022 (written 12-31-2022) I was hoping to finish this tonite (New Year's Eve) but I just couldn't get 'er done.  Nonetheless, I obviously made it back to Phoenix from my summer jaunt, but not before stops at Moqui Cave and a sand cave near Moqui (as I went to the wrong one), a stop at Jacob's Lake for cookies and a stop at Buffalo Park for a quick hike.  The drive was 526 miles and I would have good weather the entire way; that would make up for yesterday. 

I-15 southbound continued: Rays of sunshine were glowing down on the Valley Mountains to my east as I continued my way south through what they call Scipio Valley and over Scipio Pass. I entered the next valley, Pahvant, where I passed by Holden and Fillmore. (FYI these valleys are huge and I've been coming through them all the way from Montana.) Millary County has a great paper written about its geology that I discovered today. A link can be found with some of the pictures. I drove via Barker Canyon into, yes you guessed it, another valley called Dog after a mountain bearing the same name.

Once over yet another Pass, I was now in the Cove Fort area that even had a Cinder Crater.  Finally made it to Highway 20 for my journey east to Highway 89.  Via Bear Valley I discovered a place I'll want to drive through called the Old Spanish Trail. In fact, I think I might take the 89/I-70 route next year as it will cover some new terrain since I've done this route 5 times in the last two years. 

Once on 89 I pass through the small towns and admire the beauty that surrounds them including the White Cliffs as I make my way further south.  My first stop today would be the Moqui Cave; a place I've wanted to stop but never took the time.  The admission is $5.  They give you a quick overview and then you're on your own. 
Within Moqui Cave (used to be a bar and dance hall) is a large display of Native American artifacts along with unique fluorescent rocks and minerals from around the world. Also on display are a sizable collection of pre-Columbian artifacts from Mexico and more than 1,000 arrowheads. Centuries-old ceremonial pots, jugs, bowls and working tools provide some anthropological clues into the early lives of the Anasazi and Navajo Indians.Be sure to check out my pictures of the handmade bar from 1952.  Back in the day, actors and camera crews finishing up a day of shooting westerns in the red rock canyons and valleys of Kane County would come to Moqui Cave to escape the Summer’s heat and enjoy a cold brew.
 There is lots to see as it is really a very detailed museum :) and even when you're outside and going to check out the little cave, you'll see a picnic table that resembles a canoe.  There is also a cool dinosaur.

Next up I was trying to find the Moqui Sand Caverns but ended up at a different sand cave on the west side of the road.  However, I think what I found, based on pictures, was very cool as well :y: . However, I'll have to get to the real Caverns next time ... anab-utah/.  I made a video for this little mis-adventure of mine altho at the time, I didn't know it was the wrong place.  And now, it's time to head to Jacob's Lake (via 89A) for cookies, but first, I had to stop at LeFevre Overlook.  I stopped there with my brother in May of 2016 when we were U-Hauling down my dad's stuff. I actually did a full pano of that Overlook, I don't know how many miles it covered but it was a pretty clear day.

And now for the beautiful drive through House Rock Valley below the Vermillion Cliffs and around the corner and finally heading south below the Echo Cliffs back on Highway 89.  It was 76 degrees on the Rim and 103 at Cameron.  It's amazing how soon you can see the San Francisco Peaks which were kind of in shadow today.  It's difficult to drive by the burnt up O'Leary Peak.  I was happy to get in my little hike at Buffalo Park before making that last bit of the drive home.  But first, Tonto 3 got a good washing.  Coming down the I-17 near that Rest Area where you can see Sedona, the sun was beaming through the cloud cover.  It was a magnificent show and kept me entertained for nearly 50 miles.

Even though it was warm in Phoenix, I was glad to be home.  Next summer I plan to do two different trips rather than this long one.  Currently in early July I want to fly up to Calgary and do some hiking in BC and Alberta, maybe Glacier and then come back home for a couple weeks before driving up to Montana.  A lot will depend on what permits we get.  And hopefully I will miss harvest so I can do some of the things I didn't get to do last summer while at the ranch.

My videos include lots of interpretive information as usual and thus why the videos are a little long:
The drive from Scipio to Moqui Cave area [ youtube video ]
Moqui Cave Part 1 through the bar area and fossil section  [ youtube video ]
Moqui Cave Part 2 more of the fossil section and through the fluorescent mineral section [ youtube video ]  
the hike to the wrong cave I just called Kanab Sand Cave  [ youtube video ]
The drive continuing on 89 and 89A and up to the North Rim and home via Buffalo Park hike and a sunrayed I-17  [ youtube video ]

WHEW! I bet you're glad this is finally over :lol: I know I'm worn out too but it's been kind of fun re-living it and follow up research.
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.
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