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Fife Coastal Path, WW
mini location map2023-04-28
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Fife Coastal Path, WW 
Fife Coastal Path, WW
Walk / Tour8.00 Miles
Walk / Tour8.00 Miles   5 Hrs      1.60 mph
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Got to Sky Harbor 4:20am. No problem checking bag and getting through security. Flight left on time,  had to circle around Newark for about 10 minutes. Sat on taxiway for another 30 minutes waiting for traffic to clear.

Sat next to a man from Albany, NY whose son was looking at UA and ASU. Sounds like he's leaning toward UA. Bear Down!

At Newark Airport, cash is a thing of the past. All food places are contactless, card only.

Leaving Newark i sat next to a man from Edinburgh. I got a crash course in speaking Scottish. He suggests leaving out some of the consonants and running the word together. Also got some hints on places to see.  He says it'll be chilly, that spring is late this year. He thinks I've got a nice trip set up.

Landed in Edinburgh 8:10am. No problems going through security. I do have one problem: my Schwab Visa card got declined at the tram station and several ATMs. So I'll have to call them and figure what's wrong.

Got off the tram at Haymarket and located my hotel. Then spent almost an hour searching for the Eric Liddell Center. Streets aren't well marked so I had to feel my way. Finally found it and took some time to rest.

Got some good photos of Edinburgh Castle. Also lots of old churches, really nice buildings. Lots of walking around the city.

Checked into hotel and spoke with Schwab regarding declines. They waved their magic fingers and hopefully it's fixed.

Pretty tired after a long day. Tomorrow the hiking begins for real!

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