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Fife Coastal Path, WW
mini location map2023-04-29
4 by photographer avatarPhxRiles
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Fife Coastal Path, WW 
Fife Coastal Path, WW
Hiking8.74 Miles 801 AEG
Hiking8.74 Miles   3 Hrs   56 Mns   2.77 mph
801 ft AEG      47 Mns Break12 LBS Pack
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After a breakfast of muffins and orange juice, I caught the train at Haymarket station at 7:50am. Got off at North Queensferry at 8:15, followed the signs down the hill a short distance and picked up the path.

I immediately had great views of the Forth bridges and the river. It was chilly, mid-40s, and I had my fleece, knit hat and rain jacket on. No rain, but cloudy and breezy. The path is mostly well-marked so it's difficult to get lost. I noticed a good bit of gorse growing along the path.

The path meanders a good bit through some industrial and residential areas. Inverkeithing was not the prettiest area. In some areas the path is dirt, other areas paved. I ran into a decent number of dog walkers.
Nearing Dalgety Bay the views improved. There was a nice area just before Aberdour with fields, horses and sheep. The road was paved with trees overhanging. This is where it started drizzling and I hit light rain as I passed the golf course in Aberdour at noon.

I had to stop at the course.  Needing a hiking stick I asked the pro if he had a stray iron. Don't you know he had an old pitching wedge! It's left-handed, but it'll do.

Lots of pictures in the 8.75 miles i covered. Tomorrow I'll make it to Kirkcaldy. Hope the weather holds far so good.

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