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humphrey's peak-weatherford-kachina, AZ
mini location map2012-06-18
18 by photographer avatartrekkin_gecko
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humphrey's peak-weatherford-kachina, AZ 
humphrey's peak-weatherford-kachina, AZ
Hiking avatar Jun 18 2012
Hiking20.28 Miles 5,571 AEG
Hiking20.28 Miles   7 Hrs   50 Mns   2.80 mph
5,571 ft AEG      36 Mns Break
1st trip
Partners none no partners
i've wanted to do this loop for several years, and today was the day :y:
cactuscat dropped me off at snowbowl at 7:00 before doing her thing, and we figured out a time for her to pick me up
started hiking at 7:08, and headed up the humphrey's peak summit trail
i've done this one twice, and got stormed off once, but that was years ago
the forest part was completely in the shade, with the first sunshine right before the saddle when the views of flagstaff open up to the south
saw a half-eaten banana and a 25 pound dumbell left on a tree branch on the way up :-k
could hear the winds picking up the higher i got, but still not red flag warning strength when i hit the saddle
the summit part wasn't as hard as i remembered it, but it's still definitely a challenge
reached the top at 9:19 and spent about ten minutes checking out the views, the summit register and taking a few pictures
could see a small fire to the west, but later found out it was quickly put out
picked my way back to the saddle, then took weatherford trail, which was a first for me
glad i did the hardest part first, because the next several miles would be a nice gradual downhill on mostly good trail
the trail descends on the east side of agassiz, wraps around fremont on the north, then goes mostly south from doyle on long sweeping switchbacks that offer changing views of the peaks and the terrain below
passed agassiz, fremont and doyle saddles, found where inner basin trail comes up somewhere in between, and i agree that an ascent of humphrey's via inner basin would be the way to go
good views of eldon and the dry lake hills area continuing on weatherford, then finally meeting up with kachina trail
kachina is one of my most favorites trails in arizona
the aspens, ferns and grasses are beautiful against the pines and peaks
there are some ups and downs, which were welcome after the long downhill
hiked through several sections of aspen groves, and i've never seen such large aspens before
the last part of the trail is in a more dense and rocky part of the forest, and i eventually popped out at the snowbowl parking lot right at our agreed meeting time
saw maybe 15 people on the summit trail, two backpackers lower on weatherford, and five or six on kachina - pretty nice solitude, and i appreciate having a weekday off to enjoy it
was never cold, just a bit of wind chill coming down from the summit - the nicest weather i've experienced up there
this hike was everything i thought it would be - challenging and beautiful
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