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Kaibab Plateau South - AZT #40
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mini location map2015-10-13
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Kaibab Plateau South - AZT #40Northwest, AZ
Northwest, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 13 2015
Hiking20.77 Miles 2,268 AEG
Hiking20.77 Miles   11 Hrs      1.89 mph
2,268 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Did this section in 1 1/2 days, NOBO, with car camping in between. Tues. morning was COLD!! Again we had shuttle help so this time we drove both of our vehicles to where FR213 & 221 intersect, left them there since we planned to camp there for the night. Met Asa (not sure if that's spelled correctly), a SOBO thru-hiker. He was just having his breakfast before heading out. We returned to the TH and headed out, trying to warm up. This turned into another beautiful day! The trail was easy to follow and good tread. It was nice to cross the open meadows and kept wondering which one it was that was included in the Unbranded movie. I'm guessing Tater Canyon. Either way, that's my favorite just because I like the name! :lol: BUT - CAUTION: :scared: we did run into wasps! Approx. mile 739-740 - as we were ascending, there as a lot of buzzing. We did not hang around to locate the source. Either a nest or a swarm. It was upslope from us and we kept moving. Within a 1/2 mile south of East Rim Viewpoint we DID see wasps. Approx mile 741. The nest had fallen RIGHT next to the trail - canyon side. LOTS of activity. The 1st person passed fine. I was second and noticed a lot of activity and alerted my sister. She was third, kept her poles up and off to her left side, but still was stung. :o Doctored her up at East Rim Viewpoint and had lunch. A nice visitor even offered to carry out our lunch trash, although we declined, not wanting to seem needy. Encountered many more deer and a few Kaibab squirrels. Just a few wildflowers here and there and spotty fall foliage. Ran into Asa again as he headed south. (this was before the wasps so didn't need to warn him) Came into camp, set everything up and had supper. My sister, from Wyoming, was having issues with our intense sun as we crossed meadows today, so we modified our plans for day 3. Our third person decided to modify her plans also, packed up her camp and went to Murrays Lake TH. Onward! Oops. Need to edit since I should post by passage, not by day. We modified out following day by hiking SOBO to get through the burn area on Telephone Hill early in the day, ending in the shade of the forest. This also allowed us to keep camp in the same place 2 nights - a real plus! So Wed. morning we drove up to Jacob Lake to check weather (and get cookies), then headed to a turn off approx. 4+ miles south of Murrays Lake TH. My sister was very glad to get through that area with no shade! Looking to the future - there is starting to be a little shade along the trail just as you approach Telephone Hill SOBO. Even though the aspens had pretty much lost their leaves, they are tall enough in that area to offer a little shade. Another year or 2 and that section will be a little more forgiving. Wed. was another beautiful day to complete our 13 miles - finishing Passage 40 and knocking off approx. 4 miles of 41. We wandered into camp about 3:30 with no problems that day. So nice to see our camp all ready and waiting for us! Tomorrow - Jacob Lake TH!
Common Mullein
foliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observation
Autumn Foliage Observation Light

water 1 out of 5water 2 out of 5water less than maxwater less than max Crane Lake 26-50% full 26-50% full
Didn't need water, but it looks pretty good. I posted pics with this triplog.

dry Crystal Spring Dry Dry
Nothing but dirt

dry Crystal Spring Tank Dry Dry
Nary a drop

dry Sourdough Well Dry Dry
I don't see how you access water from the well. There was a pond just north of the well that was marshy. I think that you could dig a hole in the mud and get water, but it would take some time and extra filtering.
:M2C: Goldilocks
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