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Lost Mine-National-Pyramid loop, AZ
mini location map2017-12-05
1 by photographer avatarThe_N
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Lost Mine-National-Pyramid loop, AZ 
Lost Mine-National-Pyramid loop, AZ
Hiking7.26 Miles 1,712 AEG
Hiking7.26 Miles   2 Hrs   35 Mns   2.87 mph
1,712 ft AEG      3 Mns Break
 no routes
A fun little night hike in the hills. We went up Lost Mine, a favorite of mine, it gets to the point. Upon reaching Goat Hill, we felt the first few drops of rain. A light drizzle ensued, and intensified as we headed back on Pyramid. The rain and cool temps were pleasant. The lightning filled sky was a surprise. Kept our pace at a good rate. A large, bright moon added to the scenery as we watched the valley end it's rain-free streak.
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90+° 8am - 6pm kills
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