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Little Guadalupe Loop, AZ
mini location map2017-10-07
1 by photographer avatarThe_N
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Little Guadalupe Loop, AZ 
Little Guadalupe Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 07 2017
Hiking7.60 Miles 1,683 AEG
Hiking7.60 Miles   2 Hrs   43 Mns   2.87 mph
1,683 ft AEG      4 Mns Break
Early a.m. exercise loop in Dallin's stomping grounds. Started from 43rd Pl, which is now fenced off because the closure signs weren't working. The fence is equally as useless. Guadalupe Ridge is always enjoyable. Then some off-trail, Hidden Valley and a nice finish on Ridgeline. A few people on the trails but not too busy. Perfect weather and a good little loop to welcome Dallin back to SoMo.
If there is no struggle, there is no progress.
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