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Bursera-National-Pyramid loop, AZ
mini location map2017-12-25
3 by photographer avatarThe_N
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Bursera-National-Pyramid loop, AZ 
Bursera-National-Pyramid loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 25 2017
Hiking10.37 Miles 2,463 AEG
Hiking10.37 Miles   3 Hrs   55 Mns   2.74 mph
2,463 ft AEG      8 Mns Break
 no routes
1st trip
Christmas evening exercise hike with Linda. Weather was great, shorts and t-shirt all night. We took Bursera up to National, a stop at Goat Hill, then back down on Pyramid. Not many people out on the trails, at all. The highlight of the night was the neverending sunset.
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