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mini location map2020-12-28
12 by photographer avatarDaytripper
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Dacite Super LoopPhoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Dec 28 2020
Hiking8.20 Miles 2,395 AEG
Hiking8.20 Miles   6 Hrs   15 Mns   1.49 mph
2,395 ft AEG      45 Mns Break14 LBS Pack
Reading these recent trip logs on Robbers Roost influenced me to take this route , then I waved to the roost as I went past. Peralta road in good condition all the way to the trailhead , the lot wasn’t full yet but the area became crowded by afternoon. Skirted by Don’s camp and took Lost Goldmine Trail to Carney Springs, encountered a man and his son and their dog ,already past the Dacite Mine turn off , who asked if they were heading to the Wave Cave. Advised them to do an about face and follow me to the fence break at Carney Springs where I advised them to then follow the white arrows. On the way to the ridgeline between frequent pauses encountered two adults and 6 school age children maybe scouts with backpacks who had stayed overnight below 5057 impressed with how easily they moved down the steep loose rocky trail. Eventually arriving at West Boulder Saddle while admiring the old now unreadable sign a young lady came up, waved and turned toward 5057, saw no one else until Fremont Saddle. I continued down to the wash which had a couple of small water puddles and then up the sparsely cairned route and over Dacite Mesa. Elected not to include Robbers Roost as I’ve been several times. Some areas of burn on the way down to Fremont Saddle not too bad as still some pine trees present, now it’s easier to see Peralta Trail . Crossed Fremont Saddle and started down the Cave Trail. Came across 3 discouraged hikers coming back up who couldn’t follow the trail describing an area with a big drop off, they elected not to follow and try again. Soon after a couple also coming up asked if I knew where I was going. David and Tanya introduced themselves and decided to follow me. Visiting from Connecticut they came here to Arizona to meet their children that live in California for the holidays because it was too locked up there. In a it’s a small world moment they mentioned they have a daughter teaching in S. Korea like myself. I forced them to take a break below Geronimo Cave where a young couple recently moved from Chicago came up to us. They were trying to follow an all trails app but complained it kept saying they were on the trail even when they couldn’t see any trail. Now as the acting trail guide the merry band followed me down the chute and slide of the smooth rocks and further , once we arrived safely at the Bluff Spring Trail junction I set them free. Uneventful travel down Bluff Spring Trail but taking my usual route of old Don’s trail over to Dutchman Trail and then back to the parking lot. Looking over Barkley Basin enjoy that expansive view still have been avoiding hiking that burn area, but thankful that I could enjoy this route today and experience all the amazing geology.
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