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Rogers Canyon Trail #110
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mini location map2012-11-08
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Rogers Canyon Trail #110Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 08 2012
Hiking7.25 Miles 1,600 AEG
Hiking7.25 Miles   6 Hrs   15 Mns   1.45 mph
1,600 ft AEG   1 Hour   15 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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Helping JJ with a Shuttle. Dropped him off at the Bridge at Roosevelt Lake and then drove around to Roger's Trough TH. Got started on this Hike, but never intended to hit the Main Ruins. I wanted to go exploring!!! :GB:

Wore Jeans on this one, :yuck: as I have heard the Catclaw off-trail is pretty vicious. :yuck: It was supposed to be pretty warm day today, and although we started off with good Clouds first thing in the morning at Roosevelt Lake, they had all burned off by the time I got to Roger's TH. Got started on the Trail at 10:15 and made good time going in. Passed a trio of Hikers also going in and we chatted for a few minutes. Really nice Group. :) Missed the point where I wanted to start the Off-Trail portion, but only went about another 1/4 mile before realizing that I had passed it. Took a small break and instead of backtracking, I just went straight up.... :D And it was Steep. Got through a band of Manzanita and then lucky for me, I found some Game Trails that kept me going up, but out of the densest thicket and almost all of the Cat's Claw.... :pray:

Topped out on a ridge by a Rock Outcrop, and took a small breather there. I could see the Trail below and before my little break was over, I spotted the Trio that I had talked to earlier. Couldn't believe they could see me, but they did, and we all waved to each other... :lol: Turned around and headed up the Ridge and 300 feet from the Rock Outcrop was some type of Large Ruin.... :y: Explored that and took a bunch of pics, found some Pottery Shards, took a few more pics and then pressed on. Started another gradual climb that eventually became fairly steep with Rocks, forcing me to do some Scrambling...Oh darn... :D Finally came to a point where I could have possibly gone further, but Time was no longer on my side, and the Scrambling would have been much Steeper and Severe with some Exposure thrown in the mix. Decided that this should be my Turn Around Point for the day. Would like to come back and do this with someone that wouldn't mind that kind of Terrain and has a GPS.... :) Not sure it would be wise to do that next section solo, as well... 8-[

Did some more exploring along the edge of the Ridge on the way back down, finding a very cool Waterfall area in the Drainage below. This would be awesome with some Flow!!! May have to try to Hike that Drainage some day too... :) There were two very stagnant green pools at the base of the Falls, which is the most Water I would see all day. Roger's Creek was completely dry except for 1 Pool seen on the way out. When I talked to the Trio of Hikers later, they stated that Roger's Creek was bone dry all the way to the Main Ruins... :o

Got back to the original Rock Outcrop where I had topped out, and I found the Route down that I had wanted to take on the way up, before I missed my turn. Much more gradual of a descent and it only got steep about 50 feet before you hit the Trail. :) About 400 feet below the Outcrop on this new Route down, I found another Ruin! :y: :y: This one was much smaller, with one distinct "Room" and possible a second...No Shards found here, but it was still very :pk: 8) (You knew I had to use that Emoticon at least once, it's just too good! :lol: ) I noticed when I was about halfway through my descent, that there were a few Clouds around again, but mainly Fraleys.

Got back on the Trail, experiencing minimal Blood Loss thanks to the Critters, on my little Off-Trail Trek. Would still wear pants on this one though... :cry: Took a Lunch Break on a great Rock in the middle of the Creek Bed, and enjoyed the changing Leaves on the Sycamore Trees, with some Willows and Cottonwoods throwing in their :M2C: too. A majority of the Trees were past Peak, but still ran into a few with good Color. My three Hiker friends showed up on their way back from the Main Ruins, we chatted a bit more and then they took off while I enjoyed the rest of my Break.

Got started back towards the TH feeling pretty good still. The Clouds were starting to thicken up a bit, and then I heard this sound...Thunder? Really??? Looked behind me and the Sky was almost Black and the Clouds were coming in quick from the South as well. The Wind also started to pick up. Was not expecting that Front so soon today....About 1/2 way back, I passed the Trio again. This time, they were taking a break. It was starting to Rain a little while I was stopped and it Rained just enough the rest of the Hike to where I was just damp, but not wet. The Wind picked up considerably and was swirling in the Canyon. At times I had a Headwind and other times, it was a Tailwind.... :sweat:

Considering that there is some uphill on the way back, I surprised myself. I only had 2 Sucking Wind Stops the whole way back to the Jeep. I made that Trip out in half the time than when I did it in January with Brian and felt really good the whole way out. (It certainly helped that I hadn't done Flat Iron and Peak 5024 the day before either... :sweat: ) Beat JJ to the Jeep by about a half an hour, and when he showed up, he was riding on the Heels of the Hiking Trio that I had become acquainted with. :lol: Those guys (and gal) were great. They even tried to feed JJ and I some Cookies, Crackers and Fosters while we were talking to them. We stuck to the Ice Cold Sodas from the cooler I brought. Visited with them a little more and then took off for Town. Light Rain most of the way, including In Town.

Thanks for the Loaner Vehicle John... :) I think you need to do the whole AZT again, so I can "help" with more Shuttles.... :sl: Don't think I'll be taking the Escape on that road.... :o Just not in that big of a hurry to beat it up just yet.... :sweat:

Another great day in the Wilderness. :D Nice Trail, fun Off-Trail, Ruins, and experiencing 3 Seasons all in one day. Hard to top that!!! :y:
Named place
Named place
Byous Butte Theodore Roosevelt Lake
foliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observationfoliage observation
Autumn Foliage Observation Light
wildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observationwildflower observation
Wildflowers Observation Isolated

dry Roger's Creek Dry Dry
One small very green pool is all I saw all day.
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