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Goldfield Mountains Loop, AZ
mini location map2020-02-19
21 by photographer avatarmarkthurman53
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Goldfield Mountains Loop, AZ 
Goldfield Mountains Loop, AZ
Hiking avatar Feb 19 2020
Hiking13.90 Miles 2,194 AEG
Hiking13.90 Miles   8 Hrs   2 Mns   2.24 mph
2,194 ft AEG   1 Hour   49 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
1st trip
Goldfield Mountain Loop

I started this hike near the Cottonwood Canyon Trail Head at the Frankie Goes to Hollywood Trail (what kind of name is that for a trail). I then took Cottonwood Wash down to the route that takes you up into the Goldfield Mountains(Camouflage Tanks). Returned down Black Glass Canyon then to the Rough N Ready Trail then to the Willow connector back to where I started. Also did a side trip along the Anniversary Arch Trail.

The Frankie Goes to Hollywood trail follows an unnamed wash for about a quarter mile before connecting up with the Willow Connector. At this point the trail is well defined and continues on along the unnamed wash all the way to Cottonwood Wash. After heading up Cottonwood Wash for a short distance I realized I was headed in the wrong direction so I stopped, pulled my head out of my rear and continued on heading down stream this time. It is fairly easy walking in the creek, sometimes sandy sometimes rocky. After about 1.5 miles the route for the Goldfield loop exits to the west. There is no trail but finding a route isn’t difficult. The route just before the final saddle is a little slow going finding a steady footing and avoiding the cactus. I just followed the GPS route I downloaded and it lead me to all the places of interest. I thought Black Glass Canyon was the highlight of this hike. There was no water flow so the trech down was a bit easier than if there had been. There were a few pools of water along the lower canyon. I saw a couple arches along this route and other than Pedestal arch not sure what the names are.

It was an uneventful walk up Willow Springs Canyon then Cottonwood Wash on the Rough N Ready Trail (another bazaar name). Lower Cottonwood is more than just rocky it is bouldery, very large bouldery. When I got to the place where the Rough N Ready Trail leaves Cottonwood Wash I continued on up Cottonwood Wash to where I was earlier before exiting for the Goldfield Mountain Loop. Call it an OCD thing but I just couldn’t have this small half mile section of lower Cottonwood Wash that I hadn’t explored. Having rid the bee in my bonnet I headed back to the Rough and Ready Trail. Where the Quartz Crystal Arroyo Trail intersects the Rough N Ready Trail I filled my hat with water and doused my head it was close to 80 degrees and I’m sure hotter in the sun. At the junction of the Anniversary Arch Trail I took a side trip to see what this trail had to offer. Nice views looking west into Cottonwood Canyon and to the northwest of the Goldfield Mountains. The rest of the hike on the Rough N Ready and the Willow Connector was uneventful or so it seemed, maybe I was just tired and hot.

I got the Pass for the locked gates for Bull Dog Canyon Recreational area and I’m glad I did because it cut 2 to 4 miles off each days hiking, most of which was along 4WD roads. Great to be back in the Goldfields and I hope the weather cools off again before summer because there are a few more trails I want to do.
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Named place
Pedestal Arch - Stewart Mtn Quad
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