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Goldfields Intro, AZ
mini location map2020-03-13
6 by photographer avatarSaguaroToSomo
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Goldfields Intro, AZ 
Goldfields Intro, AZ
Hiking avatar Mar 13 2020
Hiking3.00 Miles
Hiking3.00 Miles
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I've been reading all these great triplogs from the Goldfields, and I finally got out there -- well, a little bit. Had a short time in the afternoon on the last day of the four-days-in-a-row of rain, back in mid-March. It looked like there might be a break in it, so let's go! Parked along 88 and hiked up FR 1356 to see how far I could get. Not far, before the rain came for about 10 minutes -- and the pea-sized hail. The last picture in the set is the friendly palo verde that I huddled under during the rain; not a lot of choice for trees right around there! It was SO beautiful, though, with the mix of sun on some of the hills and the dark clouds. Kept going after the rain, and went as far as I had time for.

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