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Goldfield Arches, AZ
mini location map2021-01-02
30 by photographer avataradilling
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Goldfield Arches, AZ 
Goldfield Arches, AZ
Hiking avatar Jan 02 2021
Hiking7.07 Miles 1,296 AEG
Hiking7.07 Miles
1,296 ft AEG
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I checked out this area a few weeks ago when I went up to Top Hat and thought I should explore it a little more. After researching the trips made my @dixieflyer and @hikerdw I loaded up a track and added a few more stops and off I went.

I drove up 1365 via the Bulldog Gate and parked at the base of Top Hat. The first part along Orohai Wash is classic Goldfields. Pretty clear this area (like the rest of central AZ) as not seen rain in any volume for a while. Lots of crispy and crunchy vegetation.

I made it to the Horse with No Name. Once I got on it, it started looking very familiar. I know I have taken this trail down from the tuff and went up to the large wash below the Gold Dome. The trail is in good condition and a nice break from what was before and what was coming ahead.

I followed the path along the wash until it ended along the slot wash. I decided to hit the first arch of my explore - the Westward Arch. I had located it via gps coordinates from other hikers and loaded it into my gps. I had plotted a path based on the topo, but quickly adjusted my path. The small wash was choked with nastiness. So many cockleburs in one section, I was covered from boots to waist. I had to stop for a while to flick them all off. I eventually made it up and quickly took the lay of the land and took a different way back out. The arch was awesome. It is directly below Gold Dome.

I started back towards the next target- the Overlook Arch. It's visible from the little hillside along the wash. I opted for a "straightline" ascent, skipping Bur Wash. There are tons of game trails in this area. The path was a little up and down, but not bad. I made it to the the ridge and found the arch. It seemed too small to be the one I saw from the wash, but this was it. Cool area. The little ridge was nice. A few pictures and down I went.

I was looking all hike for the Kissing Turtle Arch, but I did not find it. I am guessing hiking right by it and just did not see it.

I thought about heading up to see the Pedestal Arch, but I opted to make that hike for another day. I have been up there and just started back towards Orohai Wash. I came across a couple of young fellows on motorcycle. They went right down the Horse with No Name. I stopped at the "shooting gallery" for lunch when they drove by. By the time I made it to the Orohai Wash, I could see them riding up the steep tuff path on the other side. Crazy. These were the only people I saw on the trail all day.

I made it back to the truck. I thought about going to see Palo Verde Arch, but I was there a few weeks ago. I opted for the zoom in photo.

I drove back to civilization the opposite way I came on 1365 and came out via the Dutchman Gate. Lot of 4x4 folks out in this area. But, not as many as I have seen in the past.

A nice explore and excellent day in the Goldfields for sure.
"Hiking is just walking where it’s okay to pee." –Demetri Martin

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