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mini location map2021-04-27
36 by photographer avatar00blackout
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JF Trail #106Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 27 2021
Hiking11.15 Miles 2,096 AEG
Hiking11.15 Miles
2,096 ft AEG   6 Hrs   45 Mns Break
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With the great weather yesterday I decided to get out for one last Superstition hike. Headed up the "smooth" road to the Tortilla TH to hike JF Trail. JF starts out going up right away until you get to the Hoolie Bacon junction. From there it's flat for a moment then up and down the rest of the way. Stopped at the first ridge to explore the rock formations a bit and continued on. About a half mile past the ridge a pretty heavy rain squall came in and forced me to take cover under a tree for about 15 minutes. At this point the trail is hard to stay on as it's an overgrown, rocky mess. One minute it was wide open and the next it was gone. Made it to Tortilla Pass finally and started back. JF Trail is a one and done for me, really did not care for it at all. The views are great but the constant up and down's with tons of rocks and route finding ruined it for me. Had a couple of hikers hiking out the end section of 213 who decided to stop and watch me drive down the final obstacles lol. Looks like 100 degrees for the weekend so this will officially end my Superstition hiking season.
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