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National Lollipop, AZ
mini location map2020-10-03
1 by photographer avatargaryc57
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National Lollipop, AZ 
National Lollipop, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 03 2020
Hiking6.69 Miles 856 AEG
Hiking6.69 Miles   2 Hrs   41 Mns   2.56 mph
856 ft AEG      4 Mns Break5 LBS Pack
Just a quick early morning hike with my favorite hiking buddy - Spencer, and his daughter, Avi.

From the Pima Canyon Trailhead west up the National, to the Mormon Loop, to the Mormon Trail, over to the National, then back down the National to the Pima Canyon TH.

Spencer was carrying Avi in a borrowed child carrier backpack, and asked to borrow my hiking poles for stability. Sure, no problem. Halfway up the National, he asked about my poles. I told him I set them on the rock by the car for him to use. "Didn't you get them?" "No, didn't you?" So, he said he would go back to the car and get the poles, then just walk around the trailhead with Avi while I finished my hike. "OK, that's fine."

I had just turned off the National onto the Mormon Loop Trail, when my phone rang. It was Spencer. He asked about the bench at the top of the National "road". I told him he could wait there for me, and we could walk back down to the trailhead together. "OK".

About 5 minutes later, a ways past the Javelina Canyon junction on the Mormon Loop trail, my phone rang again. It was Spencer, saying he was at the bench, and asking where was I. I told him to continue up the National, then turn off onto the Mormon Loop, and I'd meet him. So, I turned back around, and started back down the Mormon Loop. Soon enough there he was, booking right along. I "sic'ed" Ember on him, and when she saw him, she took off, wagging her tail to beat the band!

At the junction of the Mormon Loop with the Mormon Trail, Spencer took the one and only picture. We'll see if Joe's software looks just at the date/time stamp of the file, or actually digs down into the EXIF data.

From there down the Mormon Trail to the National, then a left, down the National, all the way to the "road", and then to the TH.

About 100 yards from the car, he stopped to get Avi out of the carrier, to let her walk the rest of the way to the car, "to burn off some energy". He gave me the keys, and I went ahead with Ember. When he arrived at the car and started putting things away, I asked about the poles. "Oh, I forgot them. Leaning up against the iron fence." So, I kept Avi and he ran back to get the poles. Thank you, Lord. They were still there. We have some honest folk on the trails.

A lovely morning (with a nearly full moon to hike by), a hike with my son and granddaughter. Life doesn't get much better than that.
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