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Mormon Lake - AZT #29
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mini location map2015-08-01
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Mormon Lake - AZT #29Camp Verde, AZ
Camp Verde, AZ
Hiking avatar Aug 01 2015
Hiking6.00 Miles
Hiking6.00 Miles   2 Hrs   50 Mns   2.12 mph
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Back in June 2014, I hiked the Mormon Lake Segment, #30, of the Arizona Trail (AZT). At that time, they were doing forest thinning operations on part of the trail near Mormon Lake Lodge, and I was forced to bypass 5 miles of that segment. Well, we finally got 'er done!

The plan was for my trail angel, sweetheart and wife (all the same person! :lol: ) to drop me off at the horse corrals near Mormon Lake Lodge, then drive on to Double Springs Campground, and walk up the AZT to meet me, then we'd walk back to the campground together.

We arrived at the lodge shortly before 8:00, suited up, and started hiking.

Just behind the High Mountain Trail Rides offices, there is a kiosk, showing the Mormon Lake area, and the numerous trails one can hike. I was surprised to see the AZT NOT listed. Hmmm... I noticed a "Lake View Trail" going east out of Double Springs campground. I warned my wife, that if the AZT wasn't clearly marked, to NOT continue following this "Lake View Trail". No telling where she would have ended up. My wife later reported that the AZT was VERY clearly marked where it left the Lake View Trail. She had no problems at all seeing the junction.

It was bit hard figuring out which of the numerous trails behind the offices was the right one. I took a guess, trying to remember the trail I had followed two years ago, and got the right one.

My wife walked with me a short ways, then returned to the car. It's always nice to hike with her.

The morning was overcast, which made for a nice hike. My only wish was for a bit of a breeze. Today, there was no breeze at all, and we sweated - a lot!

The entire day, the trail was easy to follow. I don't believe I looked at my GPS for trail reference at all.

Once or twice, the AZT crosses a forest road, but the trail is clearly marked with carsonites and/or rock cairns.

About 2.4 miles from the end of the trail, I saw my sweetheart hiking towards me! WOW! That was fast! She's getting to be a pretty good hiker!

We got a tiny bit of rain a couple of times. Just a bit of a nuisance. Nothing major.

We passed several burn sites - apparently where they burned the thinning they had done.

The trail stewards have done an excellent job in marking where the trail enters and leaves the forest roads. They've laid branches across the road to "herd" the hikers off the road and onto the trail.

We were hiking along one of those roads, when my wife lets out a scream, and jumps about 3 feet into the air! She almost stepped on a horny toad. She wanted to pick him up, and I wanted a picture. She let me take the picture.

All in all, a great day for hiking, great company, and a great trail.
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