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East Mountain, AZ
mini location map2020-04-27
15 by photographer avatarrayhuston
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East Mountain, AZ 
East Mountain, AZ
Hiking avatar Apr 27 2020
Hiking6.16 Miles 1,785 AEG
Hiking6.16 Miles   4 Hrs   3 Mns   1.62 mph
1,785 ft AEG      15 Mns Break
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This should have been a fun, relatively easy hike, but I diverted from plan and made it not so fun and not so easy.

The CCC Day Use area is closed, so I parked in a cleared area off of FR112, a few feet from the start of the Una Del Oso trail. The plan was to hike up to the East Mountain summit and return the way I came. However, I decided to see if I could find an older route to the top that was visible on the topo map. :-k I didn't find it, and after not finding it I just went straight up the slope. : rambo : Saw a beautiful white tail on the way up. It was staring at me as I trudged up the hill. I decided to stop and stare back. We shared a moment of eye contact before it deftly scampered up the hill, probably chuckling.

After squeezing/busting through some dead manzanita near the top, I arrived at the saddle just below the summit. By now I was tired and had no desire to go further. Had I come up the much easier East Mountain trail, I probably would have been fresh at this point, eager to continue on. Instead, I enjoyed the views from the saddle while cleaning dirt and pine needles from my shoes, most of which I accumulated on the off trail to the saddle. ](*,) I ate some crackers, drank some water and headed back down. The third of a mile back up the Una Del Oso trail under an exposed sun at the end of the hike was not so fun.

If you throw out my off trail adventure today, this is one of my favorite trail segments in the Pinal Mountain area. At three miles to the top, it might be a more desirable option for someone that doesn't want to tackle one of the more popular trails to the west but still enjoys the area. You're in the awesome pines in a little over a half mile. There was water in the creek, a low flow but sufficient to pool in areas. Close enough to the trail in areas to stop for a foot soak. At a little over 90 minutes from the East Valley, I like this option.

The manzanitas are flowering on the Una Del Oso trail right now, so the bees are busy. Some lupine on #200. The trails are all in relatively good shape. Some deadfall in spots, but it's been cut or cleared away. The off trail was pretty good too, just steeper. I didn't see a single person until I was driving out. I saw a gray jeep parked at the closed gate to the CCC area on my way in at 9:30.

Stopped at BurgerHouse in Miami for a post hike take out meal. Customers were steady, but the restaurant was not busy. Good burger. That near new highway to Globe along US 60 is under repair from mile marker 232 and for the next 14 miles heading east, but it's only noticeable between markers 232 and 234 where speed is reduced to 25mph.
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