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Maricopa Trail Anthem Trlhd, AZ
mini location map2018-10-27
22 by photographer avatarrrshort
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Maricopa Trail Anthem Trlhd, AZ 
Maricopa Trail Anthem Trlhd, AZ
Hiking avatar Oct 27 2018
Hiking2.50 Miles
Hiking2.50 Miles   2 Hrs   15 Mns   1.20 mph
      10 Mns Break
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Headed out to do a portion of the Maricopa Trail starting from the Anthem Trailhead going east. Found the trailhead easily enough and headed out a little after 7am. A slightly cool cloudless morning greeted me though within a half an hour I was shedding my long sleeved shirt. The trail varied from sandy, dirt to rocky. The desert here was lush with a carpet of green covering the desert floor. You are never too long without views of houses near and far. After a while the trail passes through a fence and crosses some small washes. About an hour and a quarter in I turned around and headed back. 3 hikers and one bike rider were all that I saw on the trail. Managed to get more photos of birds than I ever have. part of the way back I was serenaded by Cactus Wrens. What a beautiful sound! Please pardon the spots in some of the pictures. I have something on the sensor in my camera and am unable to get it in and have it cleaned right now.
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