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Maricopa Trail-Andy Kunasek Trailhead, AZ
mini location map2019-11-09
26 by photographer avatarrrshort
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Maricopa Trail-Andy Kunasek Trailhead, AZ 
Maricopa Trail-Andy Kunasek Trailhead, AZ
Hiking avatar Nov 09 2019
Hiking1.75 Miles
Hiking1.75 Miles   1 Hour   50 Mns   0.95 mph
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Today I set out to hike a little of the Maricopa Trail from the Andy Kunasek Trailhead near New River. Arrived at the small parking area about 7:15 this morning and got underway 10 minutes later. I headed east on the trail which right away started to climb up into the nearby hills. rocky at times the trail went up and down then had a long ascent which provided nice views to the west and northeast. I did not encounter any hikers or bikers this morning. I turned around when the trail began a descent that was steeper than I wanted to try. It was a beautiful morning and I enjoyed my outing very much.
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